Great March of Return Poster
Great March of Return Poster

Great March of Return Poster

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The photographers and reporters who provide news coverage to Mondoweiss in Palestine are talented and dedicated. Throughout the Great March of Return (#GMR) in 2018, they collected stories and captured extraordinary images of protesters putting their lives on the line for the right to return home.

This poster (8 3/4" wide x 23" high) is eye-catching and inspiring. We recommend that you display it on a file cabinet or refrigerator--somewhere that passersby can see it and ask you questions. You can use it to educate your friends and neighbors about the struggle for freedom and equality in Palestine.

The poster is full-color printed (by union labor) on both sides. You may choose to display the side that quotes #GMR participants on why they joined the March, or the side that shows the inventive methods protesters used to protect themselves from tear gas.

Because we believe this poster can be a tool in organizing as well as an inspiring example of the skills of our Palestinian correspondents, we are setting the price for purchase at a level just to cover our costs of production and distribution.

If you want to use multiple copies for organizing/educating people, please contact us at to arrange a discount.